The Greater Dover Dance Academy - Dover, Pennsylvania

2021-2022 Schedule of Evening Classes ~


5:00-6:30PM (AB)
Sparkle/Shimmer I Ballet/Jazz

6:45-7:45PM (AB)
Shine Ballet/Pointe

6:50-7:40PM (RH)
Theatre Jazz

7:50-8:40PM (HK)
Advanced Tap

7:50-8:40PM (AB)
Intermediate Tap


5:00-5:45PM (DS)
Creative Dance IA

5:00-5:50PM (MP)
Shimmer II Jazz

5:50-6:40PM (RH)
Creative Dance IIA

5:50-6:40PM (DS)
Shimmer II/III Ballet

6:45-7:45PM (JK)
Shine Ballet

6:45-7:45PM (RH)
Shimmer III Modern

7:45-8:40PM (JK)
Shine Contemporary


5:00-5:45PM (RH)
Hip Hoppin’ Combo

6:00-6:50PM (RH)
Elementary Hip Hop

6:00-6:45PM (AD)
Creative Dance IB

7:00-7:50PM (RH)
Int/Adv Hip Hop

7:00-7:50PM (HK)
Elementary Ballet B


5:00-5:50PM (HK)
Shimmer I/II Ballet

5:50-6:40PM (AB)
Shimmer I/II Modern

5:50-6:40PM (HK)
Shimmer III Ballet

6:45-7:45PM (AB)
Shine Jazz/Lyrical

6:45-7:45PM (CB)
Shimmer III Jazz/Lyrical

7:45-8:40PM (GA)
Shine Ballet/Pointe


4:45-5:30PM (BS)
Praise Dance II

4:45-5:30PM (AK)
Praise Dance I

5:40-6:30PM (BS)
Elementary Ballet A

5:40-6:30PM (AK)
Creative Dance IIB

6:40-7:30PM (BS)
Elementary Tap

6:45-7:30PM (CBA)

SATURDAY (2x/mth)

Team Conditioning/Leaps/Turns: Senior (CB), Junior/Petite (HK)

12:00-3:00PM (GA/CB/HK/BS/RH)
Company/Team rehearsals as scheduled

Click here for daytime class schedule

Office Hours M-F 5-7pm: Mon/Wed (HK), Tues/Thurs (GA), Fri (GK/AD)

(GA) Gina Anthony
(AB) Andrea Baker
(CB) Casey Bricker
(AD) Alexis Davis
(RH) Rachel Hue
(BS) Brianna Smiley
(JK) Jacqui Kilgore
(HK) Hannah Koval
(AK) Amelia Kwasnjuk
(DS) Delaney Sanderson
(CBA) Cassidy Bashada
(MP) Marilyn Peyton